Your Health and Well-Being Coach

Take life to the next level.  To really grow and flourish in your life you need to break the chains and create and follow your own unique pathway.

I know because I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.

After retiring from my executive position in government a little earlier than planned, I struggled with an unanticipated challenge.  I was an educated, successful and professional woman over 50 and I didn’t really know what to expect next. Every option I explored just wasn’t the right fit for all sorts of reasons.  

Let’s face it.  Age matters in our youth oriented culture.  Although not “looking my age”, my resume and experience revealed the truth. And I was not ready to just ride off into the sunset. I felt there was much left for me to do — “unfinished business”.  But what?  I was frustrated and confused to say the least.

While all this was going on, I tried all kinds of self-help and what had worked for me in the past.  And then I finally figured out (several years later) that doing the things that worked in my 20s, 30s and 40s wasn’t going to work for me in my 50s and beyond. And the answer wasn’t what others were doing or thinking I should do.  The answers are within.

My path is now that of a solo entrepreneur.

Your Health & well-being coach:

My main focus in coaching is helping others through our life transitions and challenges with an emphasis on health & well-being and empowerment. I have specialized education and experience in health and wellness, neurodiversity, social and cognitive communication, brain health and healthy aging. My background in Communication Science and Disorders helped me realize the importance of an integrative and holistic approach to health and well-being. I also learned the value of prevention and healthy lifestyle throughout life. (I’ll be blogging about this quite a bit later on. So please stay tuned and feel free to sign up for my newsletter!)


PhD Speech Communication, The University of Texas at Austin

Certified Health and Well-Being Coach (Duke Integrated Health)

Board Certified and Licensed Speech Language Pathologist (AL, FL)

Special expertise in neurodiversity, social and cognitive communication, brain health and healthy aging

What else do I do?

I am an avid animal lover, including my dogs, cats, and chickens and all the wild things on my Central Alabama homestead. I admit (sometimes with and sometimes without shame) that my Golden Retriever, Magnolia, is my clear favorite. Magnolia has served as inspiration and is probably the most loyal supporter of my work. I have two amazing adult children, too. And live happily with my husband of decades who stays busy at home with lots of chores and honey-dos because he loves to be busy. Seriously.

I love outdoors. I could easily spend most of my day outside with the critters, jogging, and just appreciating nature. But I balance that with my inner nerd who loves to read and learn new things, and do something to make this world a better place. In addition, I literally can spend hours working and playing with new software and technology, too.

Also, I work in Real Estate. My real estate goals are to make the home buying and selling process go as smoothly as possible and for my clients to be happy with their decision for years to come. My approach with my clients is more as a coach; I help them discover what is right for them, and then serve as an advocate and advisor guiding through the technical parts of the transaction. I’m definitely non-traditional and not what most people think of typical sales. I am a strong advocate for my clients and look out for them like family. I am credentialed as an Associate Broker and am active in Alabama, but I am also licensed in Florida.