Celebrate YOU

Steps and tips for a positive transition to the New Year

Why Celebrate YOU?

The time between Christmas and New Years is often a stressful time. For many of us emotions of the holidays have run rampant. The stresses and pressures of the holidays can be hectic and exciting or lonely and melancholy. We may have had commitments, over-commitments, and festivities with multiple social events and busy schedules. And we may have felt loneliness and an uncomfortable quiet calm after all the activities have wound down. And there are often feelings of let-down and disappointment.

We have all experienced the good and the bad that 2021 has to offer. This past year has been an unexpectedly tough year for many. It’s unrealistic to think we can ignore the negative things and feelings that go with them. It’s ok to notice disappointment, lonliness and sadness and want things to be better. But it’s what we do with these thoughts that is most important. After taking some time getting to know our feelings, it’s important that we take a moment to balance them. This can help us set the stage for the New Year.

Celebrate YOU
Celebrate YOU!

So let’s take a realistic look at what the past year has meant to us–the good and the not so good– with an eye toward today and the future.

Here are 6 STEPS to help you think through the past year and recognize your success.

6 Steps to Celebrate YOU!

Identify and acknowledge success:

STEP 1: CONNECT WITH YOUR SUCCESS. This includes EVERYTHING. Brainstorm everything you’ve done. This can range from “I got up and showed up” to “made my first million” to “finally left the toxic job”. And it can include lessons you have learned from “mistakes” or “missteps”. Don’t take anything that pops into your mind for granted.

STEP 2: ACKNOWLEDGE AND ENJOY your achievements. MAKE A LIST. Then, really think about what all it has taken for you to accomplish these things. In the face of adversity, did you make it through? What goals did you reach? What changes have you experienced?

Reward and celebrate:

STEP 3: REWARD YOURSELF. Your reward can be big or small. But the important thing is you take some time to recognize your worth and for what you have accomplished. It could be a walk outside to appreciate nature, a trip to the spa, or even that item you have always wanted.

STEP 4: CELEBRATE WITH OTHERS. It’s usually more enjoyable to celebrate with others who can share in your accomplishments. And this can really add to the positive energy. You can include that special supportive friend in your shopping trip. Or just share with a friend or family how positive and happy you feel about your accomplishments this year.

Opportunities and gratitude:

STEP 5: SEE OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE FUTURE. You can build on your successes from this past year. And those mistakes and mis-steps may lead you to new opportunities to make 2022 an even better year. Recognizing what might seem as set-backs or challenges as opportunities can lead you down a path of future accomplishments.

STEP 6: GRATITUDE. Looking for the good and keeping an attitude of gratitude can make all the difference, even when things haven’t gone as expected. Thank people who have made a difference for you. Show appreciation to yourself for toughing things out and working through challenges.

What next?

Check out the infographic below for additional details and ideas on how to celebrate you:

Celebrate You
12 Tips for Celebrating 2021

What three actions will you take as part of CELEBRATING YOU?




Which of the steps is most meaningful to you? Why?

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