Resolutions and Goals

Are New Year’s resolutions and goals on your mind? If they aren’t right now, they probably will be soon!

We are already on the countdown of days until Christmas.  The new year will be here before you know it. During this time many people are thinking ahead about their dreams, goals, or plans for the new year.  The new year is a great time for a fresh start and new opportunities.  The “New Year’s Resolution” is on top of mind for many people.

Opportunity for change

Around this time of year, our thoughts often turn to ideas about what to change or give up in the new year.     It’s a common time to recognize that nagging feeling you should do (or not do!) something and this is a great time to pause and make plans for change.

Many people make a resolution or goal like “this year I’ll finally lose weight”,  “I’m going to give up smoking”, “I will get more sleep”.  It can often work to set a goal to give up a “bad habit” or start a new one that you think you SHOULD do .   

But do New Year’s resolutions work?

We all know from personal experience that these resolutions often end up forgotten and unachieved.  If fact, University of Alabama Medicine1,  noted that some estimates show about 8% of people stick to their  New Year’s resolutions.    That means an overwhelming 92% do not stick with their resolutions. If this sounds like you, you’re definitely not alone!

How to keep New Year’s resolutions and goals

The interesting University of Alabama article mentions several strategies from the success stories and how they beat the odds.  What seems to work?

Some of the top strategies included ideas like:

  1. Choose realistic resolutions and goals. Small achievable goals are best.
  2. Set a goal that is truly important to YOU.
  3. Have a partner for encouragement and/or accountability.
  4. Give yourself grace if you slip up, and keep going.
  5. Celebrate success along the way.

These all seem like simple strategies that should be easy to follow.  However, like most things, “the devil is in the details.”  What do you really want?  How do you know a resolution is important enough to really stick with it?  How do you make the goal small enough yet impactful?  Just what does it mean to celebrate success?  And so on and so on. 

Interested in more info about setting and sticking to goals and resolutions to make this next year better for you?  For a detailed roadmap to help you think more deeply about your New Year’s resolutions and to make real progress , sign up for a FREE download of my easy to follow planning tips. In additon you will get free tips and motivational messages sent to your email to not only help you set your goals but also to stick with them.


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