Financial Wellness Checkup!

What is your current state of financial wellness? Take this quiz and feel free to share with friends and family.

FINANCIAL WELLNESS QUESTIONAIRE:  (Answer YES/NO, if you’re not sure then the answer is probably ‘no’)


  1. Are you happy and satisfied with your money situation?
  2. Do you have a solid retirement plan besides social security?
  3. Do you have plenty of money each month for all your expenses?  Particularly, housing, food, clothing, transportation?
  4. Do you use cash (or cash equivalent) for everything?
  5. If you have credit cards, do you pay the full balances off each month?
  6. Do you have more than three month’s salary saved and could you pay cash (or cash equivalent) for an emergency expense over $1000 if it happened today?
  7. After you pay all your expenses each month, are you able to save money each month toward major purchases, vacations, home expenses, medical needs, retirement, etc?
  8. Do you plan a budget each month and stick to it?
  9. Do you have a credit score of 750 and above?

To see how you are doing, click HERE.

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