The 3-D Project: Dream-Design-Destiny

Are you satisfied with  life overall, your relationships, your career, your finances?

Even outwardly successful people often struggle with satisfaction and feeling that they are on the “right” path and fulfilling their purpose.

As a certified Life Coach, I can help you identify your purpose, goals,  barriers, and develop a plan to live life in a more fulfilling and satisfying way.

Do you wonder if life coaching can help you?  Contact me   to schedule a free consultation to see if life coaching can work for you.


Freya Coaching and Consulting Light Image BylineFinancial worries?  Not sure?

Even successful people often struggle with achieving the level of financial independence and security they expect of themselves.  With over 80% of American’s living paycheck to paycheck, it’s no surprise that many people are in need of financial coaching.  Even many people who view themselves as “doing ok” are not secure about their financial future and major events such as retirement, preparing for unforseen events, and leaving a legacy.

As a Master Financial Coach¹, I  empower people to DESIGN their own financial DESTINY through personal finance strategies. To win with money you need a great plan with your end game in mind.  We all have financial goals, whether it is getting out of debt, buying your dream home, paying off your house early, or leaving a legacy for your children.  I am here to help you!  Contact me for more infomation and to schedule a consultation.  Click here to learn more.

¹Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach